CIFA™ has evolved from the practical business and consulting experiences of SHAPE®. Over a period of 10 years, SHAPE® has delivered various Islamic finance training programs via multiple platforms (bespoke, public, in-house, online etc). With this experience in hand, we have formalized a structured, assessment based training known as the Certified Islamic Finance Analyst (CIFA™).

The CIFA™ framework was first formulated in 2007 based on increasing demand for assessment based training for Islamic finance. It was first designed to deliver a comprehensive conversion training for a leading conventional bank in the GCC in 2008. Since then, various components of CIFA™ have been delivered through different mediums to financial institutions, multi-lateral agencies, and regulators in key markets including Europe, Middle East, Africa and ASEAN countries.

Beginning in 2013, CIFA™ has opened its doors to individual clients.