Study Support

We believe different candidates have different learning styles. Besides the main learning materials, we also provide the following study support for our candidates to effectively prepare for the CIFA™ Exam. These also help keep our graduates up to date with the latest developments in the market.

Study Support What is This?
CIFA™ Workbook
  • Make your own notes for revision
  • The workbook directs you to the relevant references in your study materials.
CIFA™ Brief
  • Short reading material on selected topics
  • Two types of CIFA™ Brief:
    • Compulsory reading (will be tested)
    • Recommended reading (will not be tested)
CIFA™ Exam Guide
  • Summary of topics that will be tested in exam.
CIFA™ Mock Exam
  • Sample exam with suggested answers
  • Various Islamic Finance topics – covering current issues, motivations for using different tools, market preference etc.