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Generally there is no deadline to enroll as CIFATM candidate. Our enrolment process is made up of several simple steps that require you to select an online training program, provide your personal details, and remit payment at the end of the process. You may begin your training as soon as you complete the online process and remit your payment. At the end of the enrolment process, an email will be sent to you to guide your next step.

If you are unable to pay online using a credit card, you can enrol online and send your payment via bank transfer. This is called part-enrolment. Your payment must be received within 30 days of part-enrolment online. Therefore you should only start the part-enrolment process if you are able to bank transfer your payment straight away. Please note that if your payment is not received within 30 days, your part enrolment will be cancelled.

Select Program
To begin the process, click on the “Enroll” button at the home page or the top of the website, and choose a desired program.

Choose a desired training program. Simply add the online training program you are interested with into the shopping cart by clicking the “Buy Now” button. The shopping cart will indicate list of the selected training programs with total price. Click “Proceed” to move on.

Personal Details

For existing user, please login using your Candidate ID and password. Your personal details will be updated. For new users, you will be required to provide your personal details.

Salutation, First name*, middle name, last name*, gender*
Please take extra care when entering your name, as this is how we will address you in future correspondence. Also this is how your certificate will carry your name. First name and Last name column are compulsory. If you are unsure how to fit your name into the fields provided, please refer to the following:

If you are Muslim, please insert your given name in the first name field, Bin/Binti/Ibn (if used) in the middle name field, and your family name in the last name field, as per the following examples

Farid Hussein Aljomaih
First name: Farid
Middle name: Hussein
Last name: Aljomaih

Nur Zanariah Binti Zainal Abidin
First name: Nur Zanariah
Middle name: Binti
Last name: Zainal Abidin

If you are Chinese, please insert your Christian name (if any) and family name in the first name field and your given name in the last name field, as per the following examples:

Hui Ai Peng
First name: Hui
Middle name:
Last name: Ai Peng

Jes Chan Ying Ying
First name: Jes Chan
Middle name:
Last name: Ying Ying

If you have an English name, please insert your given name in the first name field and your family name in the last name field, as per the following examples:

Judith Spencer Gaylord
First name: Judith Spencer
Middle name:
Last name: Gaylord

If you have a long name, please use initials for ‘ge’ names (if any) and your first name, and insert your name in the fields as per the following example:

Rajesh Gopalan Karuppan Vinod Ratnayake
First name: R G Karupan
Middle name: Vinod
Last name: Ratnayake

Date of birth*
Please enter your date of birth in day, month, year (dd/mm/yyyy) format – for example, if your birthday is July 21, 1978, enter 21/07/1978. Please also make sure that you enter a four-digit year – for example, 1978 instead of 78. The system will not recognize two-digit years.

Email address*
Please give us a valid, up-to-date email address, because it will be used to contact you, confirm your identity and send you a password reminder if you forget your login details.

Enter address details
Please enter your full address carefully, as we will use this to send you correspondence including CIFATM certificates. Simply enter your full address in the fields provided. You also need to specify your country of residence (the country you live in), which is compulsory. It is important that you enter this correctly as it will be used to populate part of your address on the next screen.

Enter Daytime Tel
On this column, we ask you for some contact details. We may on occasion need to contact you by telephone during our office hours (9.00am to 5.00pm GMT+3), so please supply a number in the ‘Daytime tel’ field.

Terms and communication preferences
Please read the options in this column carefully.

  • I want to receive promotional emails (e.g. training programs, recruitment, opportunities etc.) Your details will not be passed to third parties.
  • I have read, understood and agree to the IPD Online Policy.

Now that you have entered all your details, they have been recorded in our system, click the “Confirm and Proceed” button to progress to payment page.

Payment Options:

You have the option of immediate online payment using credit card or post payment using bank transfer.

It is important that you do not click back in your browser to return to a previous page at this stage, as this will prevent you from completing the process successfully.

Credit Card Payment:
There are 3 columns within the online payment process for credit card payment:

  1. First you are asked to enter your credit/debit card details (including billing address).
  2. Next, you are asked to verify the details of the item to be paid
  3. Finally, we ask you to confirm that the card details you entered are correct (you can change them if not), before clicking on Submit to process your payment.

Please make sure you complete the payment process within the same session. As an added security measure, the system will auto log-out from the enrolment process if user is taking more than 10 minutes during payment. You are highly recommended to have your credit card details ready prior to the enrolment process.

Bank Transfer: -

SHAPE® for Economic Consulting W.L.L at Boubyan Bank
Branch : Sharq Branch
Account Title/Beneficiary : SHAPE for Economic Consulting W.L.L
IBAN # : KW12 BBYN 0000 0000 0000 0149 0840 01
Account Number : 0203319002
Reference : (Candidate ID)

You will be liable for the additional charges incurred in the bank transfer.
Kindly remit payment within 4 weeks of completing the process online to avoid order cancellation. Once you have remitted your payment, please send a copy of the bank transfer slip together with your Candidate ID to

Order Confirmation
Credit Card:

The system will show your order confirmation and you can print this. It displays all the contact details you have entered, and includes your Candidate ID, which you will need to quote every time you contact us, and to login to CIFAOnline.

If possible, please print the order confirmation straight away. If you do not have access to a printer at this time, you can retrieve the confirmation next time you login to CIFAOnline under “My Account”.

We will also send you an email confirming the total you have paid with the details you have entered and guide for you to start your training.

Bank Transfer:

This is the final step in the online part-enrolment process. You will have limited access to your CIFAOnline and you will not be allowed to access CIFAOnline portal until the bank transfer received. You will be liable for the additional charges incurred in the bank transfer. Once you have remitted your payment, please send a copy of the bank transfer slip together with your Candidate ID to

I want to enroll as a CIFA™ Candidate – where do I start?

Click on the “Enroll’ link at the top of the page.

How much do I need to pay to enroll?

This will depend on the number of CIFATM curriculum you enroll for.  Please refer to here for latest training program and updated price.

Is there an enrolment deadline?

No. You may enroll and start your training whenever you are ready.

My employer will be paying my enrolment, so how do I enroll?

If the enrolment is for an individual student, then your employer will not be invoiced. Kindly proceed to the normal enrollment process at However, if your employer wishes to enroll a group of candidates, kindly contact us for group enrolment arrangement. Our client service managers will be in touch with your employer promptly.

I want to enroll as a CIFA™ candidate but cannot make a payment online using a credit card. What do I do?

You may do the online enrolment process and opt for bank transfer payment option at the payment stage. You are liable for the additional charges incurred in the bank transfer. It is important that you remit your payment within 30 days of you completing the part enrolment process. Please remember to email us your payment proof and Candidate ID once you remit the payment.

What happens if I do not get my full payment to SHAPE® within 30 days of part enrolment online?

Your enrolment will be cancelled and you will be required to do a new enrolment process online.

I am not sure how to fill out the name fields. How do I split up my name?

Please enter your proper name as you would wish us to address you, and as you would wish your name to appear on your certificates. Please refer to the ­Profile section of this FAQ for more information.

I am trying to enroll as a candidate and it keeps telling me I am an active candidate. What should I do?

If you are an active Candidate, you can log into CIFAOnline straight away. To retrieve your Candidate ID and password, please refer to the Forgotten Password  section of this FAQ.

I got halfway through the enrolment process but did not complete it. Can I complete it from where I left off?

If you entered all your personal details, and had reached the payment stage of the process, you will be able to complete the process, as your details have been retained on our system. Start the process again ensuring your personal details are entered identically, and your details will automatically be picked up and shown on-screen. Unfortunately, if you did not reach the payment stage of the registration process for any reason, all the details you entered will be lost.

I got most of the way through the enrolment process, but got a “Cannot resume process” error message, and can’t seem to finish the process. What should I do?

You now exist as a contact in our database. Just restart the process and the system will automatically recognize you and will be able to capture your details as you progress.

I have just completed the enrolment process, and noticed that I didn’t enter my address correctly. What should I do?

You can update your address straight away online. Simply click on the Profile link under “My Accounts” available in your CIFAOnline.

Where can I find my Candidate ID once I have clicked on Finish at the end of the enrolment process?

Your Candidate ID will be emailed to with together with steps to start your training with us. You will need Candidate ID for logging onto the system. Please note, that your Candidate ID is case sensitive. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us.

I’m an inactive CIFA™ Candidate. Can I re-activate online?

Yes. To re-activate you will need to follow the Re-activate link under “My Accounts” in CIFAOnline. You will be required to purchase a training program to activate your status.