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Please refer to  that gives detailed information about all aspects of the examination.


I have just registered as a CIFA™ candidate. When can I sit my first examination?

CIFATM examination is available whenever you are ready. The exams are computerized and available at accredited exam centers. Please contact us  to know the exam center nearest to you.

How do I book the CIFA™ examination date?

To book the examination date, you will have to contact the exam centers. Please note that some centers may charge additional fees for the examination. These fees are normally charged in local currency.

What is price for examination?

The first examination token is part of the CIFATM curriculum purchased online. For re-sit SHAPE® charges a nominal price. Please refer to for details of all prices.

I failed the exam and wish to re-sit. How do I pay for the exam?

You will be able to view the Re-sit exam option under the specific training program you have selected. Simply add this to your shopping cart. Please be informed that this button is only active for candidate who failed the examination.

If I choose the ‘Post Payment Now’’ option, can I still pay by credit/debit card afterwards?

Yes, you can; you will need to log into CIFAOnline and select the option Continue My Purchase.

What is provisional exam entry status?

It means that your request to re-sit is not approved until you make full payment for your re-sit exam. Please note that you will not be able to book an exam at the accredited exam center with a provisional exam entry status.

I don’t have a credit or debit card. Can I still enter the re-sit exam entry online?

Yes, you can choose the ‘Bank Transfer’ option on the online exam entry facility. Please bank transfer the payment to us promptly, as your exam entry status will only be provisional at this stage.

Can I pay for my exams by direct debit?

No, you must pay using a credit or debit card.

My employer pays for my re-sit exams. Can they do this online?

Yes. You can enter their credit card details but please ensure that you enter the credit card holder’s address so payment can be taken. For bulk payment, please contact us.

What is the last date for payment if I choose the ‘Bank Transfer’ option?

We expect you to bank transfer the payment promptly. This should be received by SHAPE® no later than 30 days from the date you did the exam re-sit entry online. If your account is not fully paid up, SHAPE® reserve the right to withdraw your entry and you will not be allowed to sit for the exam at the center.

My computer crashed while I was completing the payment process. How can I check whether the booking has been processed?

If you re-access within one hour, any incomplete process will be kept in memory for you to complete. You can complete your purchase by clicking Continue My Purchase link under “My Account”. Once you have successfully completed the payment process, the system will automatically update your status within 24 hours.

When will I receive confirmation of my exam re-sit entry?

We will send you acknowledgement of your exam re-sit via email as soon as you have completed the purchase process online with the payment.

How many times can I sit for the CIFA™ examination?

There is no limit to the number of attempts you may have for each exam. However, re-sit comes with a nominal charge. Please refer to for more information