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To enjoy maximum benefit of CIFAOnline portal and as a convenient way to keep your particulars updated, you will need to utilize the online services available in CIFAOnline. It enables you to view any content or information that is restricted to you.

If you are a member of any of the following groups, you will be provided with an ID and temporary password for you to login to CIFAOnline:

  • Candidates
  • Institutional Clients
  • Examiner
  • Marker
  • Trainer
  • Business Partner
  • Exam Center

The information we store about you is used to improve the service delivery, and show information, news and events that are relevant to you and personal preferences.

Logging in
Click on the Login button at the top-right corner of the website to login.

For FIRST TIME login, you will be required to enter the temporary password provided by the system and change your password accordingly. You will also be asked to create a security question and answer as additional security measure.

Your password is your key to taking advantage of our online services. It must be eight characters long and contain AT LEAST one CAPITAL letter (A-Z), one lower case letter (a-z), one digits(0 – 9). Your password is case sensitive, so “MaSs1234” is not the same as “mAsS1234”. Please choose something you will remember, but cannot easily be guessed by anyone else. Do not give anyone your password as it will mean that they are able to access your personal details.

Confirm password
You need to type your password again so we know that you have not typed anything incorrectly.

Security question
As an extra security measure, we ask you to set up a security question and answer. We will ask you this question if you ever forget your password, so it should be something you can remember, but not easily identifiable to others.
For example:

  • Oldest child nickname?
  • Youngest child nickname?
  • First name of favorite uncle?

Answer to security question
Please make a careful note of what you enter, but do not show this to anyone else, as this will compromise the security of your account with.

Educational Background & Employment details
You are also required to indicate if you have completed any degree programs on this page and if so, the year that you completed the most recent.

The rest of the fields on this page are not compulsory (i.e. you do not have to complete them). However, we would be grateful if you could help us to improve our service by supplying as many details as possible. For example your employment status, employer name, designation and how long have you been in the Islamic Finance Industry.

Forgotten your password?
Click on the Forgotten Password link on the login page.

If you have forgotten your password you will be asked to enter your Candidate ID, security question and answer. With the correct details, we will email a new password to you. We recommend changing your password to something memorable for future access to CIFAOnline.

If you have forgotten your Candidate ID you will need to contact us with your full name, date of birth & full address. We will then reply with your Candidate ID within 72 hours. The same applies if you have forgotten both your Candidate ID & Password.

Your CIFAOnline area
Once you’ve logged in to your CIFAOnline, you will be able to access documents and areas of the site that are not available to other users, change your personal details, accessing the online training program, make payments and so much more.

What is a Candidate ID?

Your Candidate ID is your unique reference number. We give you a Candidate ID when you enroll as a CIFATM Candidate. You can use it in conjunction with a password to access your CIFAOnline. You will find your Candidate ID on all correspondence we send you.

Do I need to enroll as a CIFA™ Candidate to access the CIFAOnline?

No. CIFAOnline is open to all CIFATM Stakeholder. This includes CIFATM candidates, institutional clients, examiners, markers, trainers, business partners and exam centers.

Do I have to enroll as a CIFA™ Candidate every time I wish to purchase a training program?

No. Enrolment as a CIFATM Candidate is only done once on the first time of purchase. As existing candidate, you may purchase new curriculums and other training programs via BUY CIFATM.

How do I view the online training programs I purchased?

You may view the training program you have purchased via Active Training link under “My Training” in your CIFAOnline. Click the ‘LAUNCH’ button on the respective program to start your training.

How may I view the transaction record of the training programs I purchased?

You may view the transaction record via Financial Statement link under “My Account” in your CIFAOnline, where the system will show a credit in your account.

Do I have to be a CIFA™ Candidate to subscribe to the CIFA™ curriculum?

Yes. Candidate enrolment is part of the online training program subscription process. For more information on enrolment process, please refer to

The system does not recognize my Candidate ID. What am I doing wrong?

Your Candidate ID is case sensitive; all letters should be typed as CAPITAL. Please ensure there is no confusion on the following characters: I/1; O/0; Z/2; S/5; B/8; L/1.

I entered my date of birth, but it has not been recognized. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure you are entering your year of birth in full (DD/MM/YYYY). If you continue to experience problems, please contact us with your full name, Candidate ID and date of birth.

I am an existing CIFA™ Candidate, but the system will not let me login. How do I access CIFAOnline?

You may already have a password to access our online services. You can use our forgotten password service. Your Candidate ID can be found on all recent correspondence you have received from us.

I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

Go to login button at CIFA website and click the Forgotten Password link. Once you have answered your security question, we will email a temporary password to your registered email address, it is important therefore to make sure that you keep your email address up to date.

What if I can’t make the forgotten password process work?

You will need to contact us  with your full name, Candidate ID and date of birth.

What is a security question, and why do I have to set one up?

This is an extra security measure, which we will ask you if you ever forget your password. It will prevent other users from logging in under your name, and therefore keeps your details more secure. For this reason, it should be something you can remember, but not easily identifiable to others. For example:

  • Oldest child nickname?
  • Youngest child nickname?
  • First name of favorite uncle?

The answer to my security question is being declined. What am I doing wrong?

Please make sure that you are entering the answer in exactly the same way as you set it up. This field is case sensitive (i.e. you need to use capitals or lowercase letters where appropriate).

I cannot remember my password or the answer to my security question. What do I do?

You will need to contact us. Please provide your full name, Candidate ID and date of birth. We will then reset your password for you.

I want to change my password. What is the required format of my new password, and what is CIFA™ password policy?

Your password should be a minimum of eight characters, and must be in combination of AT LEAST one CAPITAL letter (A-Z), one lower case letter (a-z), one digits(0 – 9) and one non-alphanumeric character. Your password is case sensitive, so “MaSs1234” is not the same as “mAsS1234”.

How long is a temporary password valid for?

The temporary password you are given to you will remain valid until you change it. However, we strongly recommend that you change it as soon as possible, as you need a password you could easily remember.

As I logged in, I can only view limited information. Why can’t I see any of the services you offer?

We only allow restricted access for inactive candidates. If you would like to re-activate, please click Reactive under “My Financial”. If you think your status is incorrect, please contact us.

How do I log out?

Click on the Login/Logout button in the top-right corner of your screen. Then click on the Close button to shut down your internet browser and prevent other users from accessing your details.

If I have a complaint on the CIFAOnline Portal, what do I do?

Each training program has a feedback form at the end of the program. To provide feedback on the CIFAOnline Portal services and functionality use the CIFAOnline Feedback button in your CIFATM CIFAOnline.

I am connecting via a modem and it’s taking a long time to log in. How long should I expect to wait?

The first time you visit CIFAOnline, it will take approximately 30-45 seconds for the homepage to load. It will then take around 10-15 seconds to log in or create your web account. This is based on a standard 56K modem connection; if you use broadband, performance will improve significantly. If you do experience internet connection problems, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider.

How do I contact SHAPE<sup>&#174;</sup>?

Use the Contact Us  button available on the top-right corner on the website and CIFAOnline portal.