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Re-activate My Membership

Your account will be inactive if you do not undergo a training program or purchase a CIFATM curriculum for duration of 12 months. Once your account is inactive, you will only receive occasional updates on CIFATM and SHAPE® Islamic Finance Training. You will not be able to participate in the activities organized for active candidates.

You can reactivate it at any time by re-registering. To re-register, log in to CIFATM CIFAOnline and select Re-activate link under My Accounts. The processes you will undergo are as below:

Purchase a Training Program:

The system will automatically direct you to the purchase a training program. For more information and guideline to purchase a training program, please refer to the Purchase section of this FAQ.

As a security measure, you will undergo the first time login feature which requires you to create a new password, security question with security answer, and update your educational and employment details.

I am an employer looking for CIFA™ Candidates. What is the process of placing a job advert?

Please contact us and our client service managers will be in touch with you promptly.

How do I check if someone is a CIFA™ Candidate?

Please contact us with the candidates details such as Full name, Date of Birth, address and Candidate ID and our client service managers will be in touch with you promptly.  Please be informed that we are only able to confirm the information provided to you by the candidate and will not disclose or volunteer information.

I wish to discontinue my CIFA™ training, what do I need to do?

Your candidate status will be automatically inactive if you did not purchase a module or undergo a training program within a year. You will only receive occasional emails on CIFATM updates and news.

I need a letter of good standing, what do I do?

The letter is available to all active CIFATM candidates who have undergone and passed at least one curriculum and is an active candidate for at least 6 months. Please contact us for the letter.